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About us

Guangzhou Hotlink Hardware Co. Ltd. Located in Guangzhou, China, Hotlink has   been providing a wide range of conductor   automatic tension splice & deadend/wire Quickvise & Quicklink/strand deadend & splice since   2007. With its independent and professional R&D and operation team, with   more than 5 years experience focusing on connectors, Hotink is coming to be the   leading marketing player in Aisa-Pacific region in this business area.

Hotlink can provide full series conductor Automatic Tension Splice(HAS) / Deadend(HAD), Hotlink wire/coaxial cable Quickvise(HQV) / Quicklink(HQL) productline, are   becoming more and more popular in more than 20 countries across the world,   especially America, Canada, France, England and Australia.

HAS/HAD are applied for ACSR/AAC/AAAC conductor connection for   an instant, positive and automatic connection. The whole line of HAS/HAS achieve   to hold a minimum 90% of RBS of the strand used, can ensure quick and reliable   overhead tension connection with fast and easy installation.

HQV/HQL are widely used for coaxial cabel connection of CATV,   telephone and electric utilities to terminate strand and rod at the pole in a   quick and easy way. Another important application is for building fencing,   trellis in farmland, orchards and vineyards, with HQV/HQL, you can build up   reliable connection without any tool.