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Automatic Splice (HAS)

Automatic Splice (HAS)

Automatic Splice (HAS)

HOTLINK HARDWARE with its independent R&D and operation team, Hotlink Hardware can provide HAS series with competitive pricing and technical service.


HAS Products Series




Hotlink  Automatic Splice (HAS) Rated to hold a minimum 90%-95% of RBS of the strand used, can  ensure quick and   reliable overhead tension splice with fast and easy installation. The conductor   simply slips into color-coded, funnel-shaped end piece and enters the pilot cap   automatically with a simple push. The pilot cap guides the conductor pass the   set of serrated jaws and into the center of HAS.
              HAS are used on ACSR, AAC,   AAAC,(Sparrow,Pigeon) conductor for an instant, positive and automatic   connection, ANSI C119.4  Full Tension Class A connector.


Product Description

. Color-coded end piece provide instant visual   identification of maximum conductor size

  • . Funnel-shaped end piece quickly guides conductor into   right position for insertion.
  • . Pilot cap envelops strands and guides conductor pass   serrated jaws and into splice center.
  • . Precisely die-casted jaw provides optimum contact area   for greater range of conductor sizes, reducing inventory stocking requirements.
  • . Compressing stainless-steel spring positions jaws for   positive conductor acceptance.
  • . Tubular center stop automatically determines proper   insertion length of conductors.
  • . High-strength, aluminum alloy tube covers connection for   superior corrosion protection and lasting service life.
  • . Instruction sheet put each in poly bag, save time and   eliminate potential for errors during installation.

Please note that QuickWise and QuickLink are NOT   IDENTICAL WITH wirevises and wirelinks being sold in each market, but with   equivalent or better performances in certain respects.

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