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    In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety of all staff, improve the ability and skills of fire safety escape, self-rescue and disposal of initial fire, our company recently held fire drill activities. The fire drill mainly includes fire fighting drill, fire knowledge popularization, fire safety inspection and so on.

    In the live drill , the vast number of cadres and workers actively participated, using the knowledge and skills of fire fighting, using dry powder fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment, successfully extinguished the "fire situation" in a short time, the whole fire-fighting exercise process is tense and orderly.

 Over the days Hotlink Hardware has beening focusing on various of automatic splice, Guystrand Deadend and Splice, Wire vise and link , enjoying quick upgrowing marketing share across the world, meanwhile , Hotink is keep trying enhancing environmental and safety in facility. Through the fire fighting exercise, the fire safety consciousness of the staffs has been improved, the fire fighting knowledge has been popularized, the operation method of the fire extinguishing equipment has been mastered, and the expected purpose has been achieved.