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  On 15th Jun. 2020, with the cooperation and support of all colleagues, the fire drill of Guangzhou Hotlink Hardware has come to a successful conclusion. this fire drill not only enables everybody to understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve the awareness of safety prevention, enhance the potential of self-protection, but also enables them to master the ability of emergency escape to the sudden fire.

   Over long years Hotlink has been focusing on various automatic connectors original development and mass production, that covers HAS ( Hotlink automatic splice) for overhead conductors, HGD (Hotlink Guystrand Deadend) for guystrand steel rope, HQV(Hotlink Quick WireVise) for steel wire. Meanwhile, Hotlink has conducted serious human-health and safety training for a more energetic and vigorous team for Automatic splice and guystrand splice / deadend in Asia.